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VSS Badminton - Girl’s Varsity Team Coverage

20 Views | Published May 20, 2024 | Edited May 20, 2024

Momina Ali

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Momina Ali) —

From tricky serves to receiving smashes and hitting clears, South’s badminton team was able to do it all this past season.  Tryouts began in March, with the season concluding with the team’s last game on May 7th against John F. Kennedy High School.  The team played decisive matches against various schools within the division, including Herricks, East Meadow, Lynbrook and more.  The season consisted of many wins, and overall, each player, whether it was first singles or the exhibition teams, enhanced and showcased their skills, learning from one another during their daily practices.  The team’s number one player and team captain, the very talented Dori Chau, sums up the season by saying, “I’ve made so many precious memories this season such as forming amazing friendships with my teammates, facing off against my greatest rivals one last time, and seeing my name on a poster during my senior game - a bittersweet day I thought would never come. My high school experience wouldn’t have been complete without Badminton, and I can’t wait to come back and watch my team shine next season.  Lastly, Coach D, otherwise known as Mrs. Fiorentino, summed up the season by saying that “all the players were extremely hardworking and individually each player’s skills grew over the season as they learned from each other.”

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