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Family Service Day 2024

51 Views | Published December 23, 2023 | Edited March 7, 2024

Amina Radoncic

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Amina Radoncic) —

The month of November is one of appreciation and gratitude. While most families come together and enjoy each others' presence, surrounded by delicious and hearty plates of food, not all have this privilege. Fortunately, the South community continuously makes great efforts at ensuring that all of our families can experience this joy through Family Service Day, during which baskets are filled with Thanksgiving goodies for the holiday to give to our very own families in need, here at South.

On a chilly Saturday morning on November 18th , students, faculty, and family made their way to South Hall in anticipation of this heartwarming event. First, they were greeted by the Key Club's advisor, Mrs. Gordon, and were then given an explanation as to the structure of the morning. Following the introduction, everyone rolled up their sleeves and got to work! Carrying a decorated and festive basket, the Family Service Day attendees floated from table to table and gathered a variety of nutritious and filling food items; from canned vegetables and cornbread mix, to frosting and pre-packaged mashed potatoes, a mix of traditional holiday dinner staples were chosen. After adding utensils and napkins to the baskets, they were all filled to the brim, almost ready to be delivered to South's families. Attendees were then able to add their final decorations to the boxes and wrapped theme in cellophane to ensure that all of the food would stay in place, and were topped with pretty ribbons. This year's Family Service Day was surely a success, and all those who were present left the event feeling proud of their contributions, helping make some of South's families have a brighter holiday season.  

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