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Interview with South’s Mock Trial Co-Captains

Amina Radoncic and Bethany Kosinski discuss this year’s case, team members, and future.

92 Views | Published February 22, 2024 | Edited February 22, 2024

Madeleine Fryling

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Madeleine Fryling) —

I sat down with the co-captains of Mock Trial, Amina Radoncic and Bethany Kosinski, to  discuss this year’s case, team members, and future of the club. 

Q: What responsibilities come with being captains of Mock Trial? 
Amina: As co-captains, our responsibilities are quite intense both within and beyond 
club meetings from the get-go. We have to make sure that everyone in the club has a 
basic understanding of the logistics of mock trial in order to ensure that all members are 

Bethany: We work to make sure that we're the bridge from Mr. Richman to the rest of 
the team. We make sure that work gets done and we keep everyone on schedule. 
Generally, our goal is to be there for members that need help.  

Q: What are the different roles in mock trial? 
Amina: We fill the two captain roles, and I’m the lead attorney for defense and 
prosecution. Mr. Richman is the club advisor, and additionally we have our legal 
advisors, Mr. Shishko and Mr. Bradley. 

Bethany: There are six attorneys—three defense and three prosecution—and then six 
witnesses—three defense and three prosecution. There are also alternates and fact 

Q: Why should people try out for mock trial? 
Amina: I think it is a wonderful opportunity for students of all different interests, 
including students who don't plan on going into law, to learn more about the law. I think 
it’s really useful to learn about the criminal justice system given the fact that we are from 
the United States of America and it’s important to understand how our country operates.  

Bethany: Mock Trial really helps build confidence in public speaking skills. I think a lot 
of us start out really nervous and uncomfortable going up and competing and I think 
there’s this myth that if you're afraid to do something, you shouldn't do it. I think Mock 
Trial gives people the opportunity to try new things, and with that experimentation, 
confidence will come. 

Q: What are you most excited for this season?

Amina: Given the fact that this is our senior year, this competition is extremely valuable 
to us. We have just worked very hard these past three years to develop as a team 
overall so I'm really happy to put our hard work on display.

Bethany: For this season I’m looking forward to getting to show off everything that we 
worked so hard to put together. This club takes a lot of commitment, dedication, and 
time so I'm looking forward to going in that courtroom and, regardless of the result, 
showing off all that we worked for and showcasing our skill. 

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