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Born a Crime Book Review

26 Views | Published May 21, 2024 | Edited May 23, 2024

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Christopher Davila

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Christopher Davila) —

“Born a Crime” by comedian Trevor Noah is a perfect example of the social and legal issues with being a mixed-race child in Apartheid South Africa. Trevor Noah being half-black and half-white meant his birth itself was a crime in South Africa because of segregation laws in South Africa during Apartheid. The book is like the author’s standup material in that it is a collection of stories from Noah’s life in South Africa. “Born a Crime” perfectly shows culture in Apartheid South Africa from a person who lived there. Noah’s experiences and stories illustrate the country and the period amazingly. As well as the story coming from a first-hand source, a native who proudly wears their South African accent and their heritage on their sleeve and that inspires me as someone with South African ancestry. “Born a Crime” is a must read for anyone who wants to know about Apartheid and stories from that point. An amazing read through and through.

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