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How To Manage Studying for Finals

Even though school is coming to an end, there are still exams to finish and homework to catch up on

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Sasha Hicks

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Sasha Hicks) —

Even though school is coming to an end, there are still exams to finish and homework to catch up on. I know 
it can be hard to manage everything all at once, so here are five tips that can help you!

1. Take Breaks.

It’s good to take breaks when you’re studying especially when you’re trying to remember a lot of information. I recommend studying in time intervals, like taking 30 minutes to do study and after time is up, take a quick 
break and do something you love! For example, when you’re studying or doing homework, try taking 30 minutes to do your work undistracted, then once time is up do you something for maybe 10-15 minutes before you start working again. 
2. Prioritize tasks.

If you have a lot of tasks to manage, write them down in order of most important to least. It can be hard figuring out what to do first and can be overwhelming. Prioritizing tasks from how long it might take and when it’s due is one of the best ways to list them in order. 

3. Get a good amount of sleep each night.

Not only does prioritizing your tasks, and taking breaks matter, sleeping most definitely matters. Having a good amount of sleep can help memorize facts, understand topics better and can ultimately give you a better mood. It puts you in a good mindset to study and sleeping well before an exam can also be beneficial for you! 

4. Work with a group!

Not everyone likes working in a group but working in a group can also be a change of pace and it can be very beneficial to have people to work with. Groups can help you with learning and memorizing faster. Working with people you enjoy being around can also make studying much more fun and enjoyable!

5. Find a good space to study in.

Being in a good environment is very important to study and excel. When studying, make sure to be in a clean, organized space to your liking! It can be too much when you’re surrounded by a big mess while trying to study, so it’s good to have a good clean location. Make sure your study area is somewhere where you feel comfortable and work efficiently. It’s better to also go into new environments because sometimes staying in the same studying pace can lead to feeling bored and wanting some excitement especially when studying. 

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