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The Success of the Girls Varsity Tennis Team

65 Views | Published December 11, 2023 | Edited December 13, 2023

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Caitlyn Gordon

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Caitlyn Gordon ) —

The girls’ varsity tennis team this year had an outstanding record and they were able to get their year placed on the girls’ tennis conference banner located in the gymnasium.  Through their constant hard  work of the team and their coach, Mr. David Richman, this season has become one that shall not be forgotten. I had the chance to speak with the captain of the team, Simar Bedi, who went into more detail about the team’s incredible success. 

What was the overall score of the team this year? 
Simar: The team’s overall score this year was 13 wins to 1 loss. 

How do you feel about the effort the team put in this year? 
Simar: I believe that the girls on the tennis team put in their hardest effort 
and strived to win, which is definitely evident through our final score.  
Additionally, there was a strong mentality that each player carried that 
pushed them to win their games. 

Is there anything else you would like to add? 
Simar: I just want to add how proud I am to lead a team like this one. It has 
really grown to be a family where we can lift each other up through our 
highest and lowest moments, and no matter what the outcome of a game or 
match was, we always stuck together. I also want to thank our coach, Mr. 
David Richman, who was the reason for our success as a team.

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