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The Class of 2024's Class Council President

Arianna Perez, Class of 2024 Class Council President, interviews with us!

60 Views | Published December 11, 2023 | Edited December 19, 2023

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Sasha Hicks

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Sasha Hicks) —

Every year new seniors come in preparing for their next life journey, college. I got the chance to talk to Arianna Perez, the class president of 2024. As the president, I asked her what inspired to run for president, her biggest challenges, finding time to study, and who and what inspired her.  

What inspired you to run for president? 
Arianna: To bring new things to the school and to make sure your class has a good education.  

What did you do as president? 
Arianna: I held fundraisers and senior nights and collaborated with the PTA.  
While talking to Arianna, I realized how important preparing for college is. Even though, I knew how hard it can be, I was enlightened to know all these aspects that you need to have to feel fully prepared for college. Majoring in biology she has plans on becoming a dentist and I asked what college she was most interested in applying. 

What college are you most interested in applying to and why? 
Arianna: I’m most interested in applying to Stonybrook University because of their great dental program.
Since college is creeping around the corner, I asked her how she was dealing with college finally being here. 

What prepared you for college? 
Arianna: AP Language class prepared me because you start your college essays early. If I didn’t started it, I wouldn’t have been where I am now.

What teachers inspire you? 
Arianna: Mrs. Hatsios, Mrs. Casella, and Mrs. Santamaria because they really push you to do your best.

What have been your biggest challenges? 
Arianna: Finding time to study and finding good study groups and friends that you can study with.

What advice would you give to the younger classmen at South studying now? 
Arianna: To start taking it seriously because everything from ninth grade on goes onto your transcript. Try to increase your grades one by one.


Talking to Arianna was truly an honor especially since she gave so many good tips that can help underclassman get to the point that she is at right now. After this reading this interview, I hope this inspired many underclassmen like me to put that work in!  

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