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The Southern Bell
The Southern Bell

Irish Cultural Society Essay Contest

53 Views | Published May 14, 2024 | Edited May 15, 2024

The Southern Bell

The Southern Bell - Writers
(The Southern Bell Writers) —

This year's Irish Cultural Society Essay Contest challenged students to write an essay in which the writer identifies himself/herself through references to indicators or emblems of the writer’s heritage or interests.  Writers built upon references in their writing to the things which people accumulate from their heritages and interests.  Indicators of heritage include religious symbols, foods, celebrations, languages and so much more.  Indicators of passionate interests include reading material, special clothing, posters and so much more.  Heritage need not be of another country– America, too, has produced emblems of an American heritage.
This year's winners were Caitlyn Gordon and Simar Bedi. 

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