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Pep Rally Performances

Senior Celebration

61 Views | Published January 10, 2023 | Edited October 6, 2023

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Ayanna Curry

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Ayanna Curry) —

At South’s Senior Pep Rally, the Step Squad brought the heat, showcasing their incredible talent and energy. The following day, at the Homecoming football game, the Aces brought the heat to stomp out all the competition from the South Falcons. Incoming students were able to witness the greatness that South had to offer, as the Aces danced to current day Hip-Hop music, creating an electrifying atmosphere of school spirit and pride.

During Homecoming, we were treated to a stunning performance by the kick line team, showcasing their impressive skills and teamwork. The Varsity team is looking forward to supporting the Falcons this fall, and are already excited for the upcoming basketball season. Taylor Menke, the Senior Captain, is working tirelessly to choreograph and assist her teammates at practices, and the seniors on the team are eager to end their final year with an unforgettable high kick. The dedication and passion exhibited by the kick line team is a testament to the incredible talent and spirit of South's students.


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