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Theatrical Troupe’s Much Ado About Nothing

“Much Ado About Nothing” is an amazing Shakespearean comedy as portrayed by our wonderful Shakespear

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Christopher Davila

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Christopher Davila) —

“Much Ado About Nothing” is an amazing Shakespearean comedy as portrayed by our wonderful Shakespeare Society here at South. The play goes as follows: Count Claudio falls for Leonata’s daughter, Hero, while Hero’s cousin, Beatrice, is duped into loving Benedick, an eternal bachelor. Claudio is deceived by a devious plot and accuses Hero of being unfaithful at their wedding which causes Hero to faint and be thought dead. Once Hero’s innocence is proven by an investigation by the prince’s watch, she and Claudio marry as well as Benedick and Beatrice professing their love for one another.

During the performance, there was the wrinkle of rain causing the entire play to be moved inside, I had an amazing time. The cast did fantastically in their roles especially our own Dash Alschuler-Pierce who had the opportunity to perform in a comedic role. Ms. Pokorny worked tremendously as the director of the production, and I give my thanks for that. I was entranced from the moment that I sat down until the moment the play was over. It was an amazing experience for the people who got to see it and I hope to see anything else Shakespeare Society produces!

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