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Why Teams Chats Are Integral to School Communication

Have you ever used Teams Chats?

60 Views | Published December 19, 2023 | Edited December 19, 2023

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V Frank

The Southern Bell - Writer
(V Frank) —

For a short period of time earlier this year, South's IT department decided to remove the Chat feature from Microsoft Teams entirely. While this only lasted a day or two, there were many differing opinions on the development. Clearly, there was a reason that the feature was shut down as it has happened before, but it is also an important way for students to communicate with teachers.

Chats on Teams were shut down due to students engaging in inappropriate behaviors on the Chat. Although this is a possibility, in my opinion, it’s better for these behaviors to be happening on Chat than if they were happening in person. On Teams inappropriate messages can be tracked and it is therefore easier to punish the students who sent these messages. Negative transactions will happen with or without Teams Chats. 

Teams Chats are very useful for both teachers and students. The Chats are a way for students to get help with work if they are not at school. They are also a way to inform teachers of things that they may want or need to know about without interrupting anyone’s day. Some teachers even encourage students to turn in material for assignments through this feature. The use of Chats is integrated into the way that some teachers teach and communicate. Chats has the right level of formality for schools when used correctly. Teams Chats are more formal than a text but less formal than an email. This leads to an enviorment where teachers can be treated with respect, but students can still speak their minds and have dialogue with their teachers, much like in person. Teams Chats are a helpful feature that make communication between teachers and students easier and faster. 

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