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The Southern Bell
The Southern Bell

Student Showcase: Poetry by Jasmine Persaud "Regrets"

70 Views | Published February 22, 2024

Jasmine Persaud 

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Jasmine Persaud ) —

I remember watching birds fly, 
And thinking that I too could touch the sky, 
I now regret all those times I didn’t try; 
All those distant memories feel like lies, 
Running outside, playing, chasing butterflies, 
Now I have to watch as my happiness slowly dies. 
I can’t believe my joy is ending, 
It’s like writing a love letter you don’t intend on sending. 
All I can do now is cry, 
I cry through all of the prayers I’ve chanted, 
I cry because I regret everything I took for granted; 
It’s strange how time flies by so fast, 
Memories just don’t last, 
So don’t sit there and dwell on the past; 
Live your life while you still can, 
You don’t want to have regrets when you’re an old woman or man. 

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