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The Southern Bell

Movie Review: American Fiction

66 Views | Published February 22, 2024

Dash Alschuler-Pierce

The Southern Bell - Writer
( Dash Alschuler-Pierce) —

Steeped with political commentary, humor, and intelligence, American Fiction takes a cruel look at the simplification of black lives and what the meaning of the "black experience" is, and how, even now, America continues to cater to the desires of the white man. Despite this time of social progressivism, our society stays blind to the realities and complexities of each life for the sake of simplicity.

American Fiction, starring Jeffrey Wright (Angels in America), centers on Monk, a black writer and teacher, sick of the stereotyping and offensive tropes of the black Americans in the film and book industries. He takes to his pen by creating his own satire on the stereotypical “black book,” only to find critical and financial success.

Directed and written by Cord Jefferson (The Good Place), the film is unwaveringly comedic, playing almost like a Moliere play—replete with satire and commentary. Jeffery Wright is astounding and sure to be a player in this year’s Best Actor Oscar race. Other nominations the film gathered were for Best Picture, Adapted Screenplay, Score, and Supporting Actor for Sterling K. Brown.

American Fiction is still in theaters and truly an experience worth-while

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