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Heart And Soul Events

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Jenna Zhang

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Jenna Zhang) —

Heart and Soul is a recently established club at South High School. Its goal is to open student’s minds and hearts to the less fortunate, as well as helping the life of ill children and their families. The Heart and Soul community inspires to help those in need and for students interested in the medical field. In this club, everyone can learn about medicine and compassion. The mission is to raise fundraisers, volunteer, and donate to local children’s hospitals, nursing homes, and animal shelters.


Everyone has several opportunities to gain experience and succeed. Heart and Soul is a club that is targeted towards medical fields. The first volunteer opportunity works with City Meals on Wheels to help make the lives of those less fortunate, so much better. The project focuses on creating greeting cards for the elderly and needy. The card purpose is to brighten someone’s day and remind others that they have not been forgotten. A simple card is enough to put a smile on someone’s face. The club’s next mission is to gather people to contribute in the HNM Food drive. Instead of saying credits, the club calls it “heart points.”

Heart and Soul is a wonderful club to contribute to and help one another.

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