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The Southern Bell
The Southern Bell
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THE DAY IS COMING!! As the year is progressing, we are slowly facing FINALS TIME. As scary it may sound, it isn't THAT BAD!! As students, with the help of our teachers, we have been preparing for this day since the first day of school. For those taking the regents, your teachers have purposefully been giving you regents material questions since you started the class! For those taking AP tests, your teachers have provided you substantial information from textbooks and a plethora of resources on YouTube! For those taking the FLAX exams and regular state finals, review sessions will start taking place from APRIL. Check in your teachers for specific dates and times. Finals time may seem intimidating, but it isn't! you have been preparing since you started the course, all you need is a simple refresher for the topics! Teachers are offering review sessions and guides that you must take advantage of! Practice daily for 30 minutes to 1 hour for each class and you will ACE the test!

Last minute finals advice

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