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South’s Editorial: College Essays

As the class of 2024 embarks upon the college application process- many will spend this summer writi

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Fabia Khandaker

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Fabia Khandaker) —

As the class of 2024 embarks upon the college application process- many will spend this summer writing their college essays. There is no such thing as a “perfect” college essay but there are ways to make sure it is a strong one. College essays are essential as more colleges become test optional- there are less materials for a college to use to determine acceptance. College essays allow admissions officers to get to know the student beyond test scores and grades. Providing essential anecdotes of your life to truly showcase your unique personality and experiences. However, it is important to note that recently there has been a rise in “trauma essays” which are essays that focus on an individual’s traumatic experiences. While its important to share your experiences, students need to remember that admissions officers want to see a student’s strengths and not their struggles. The college admissions process is a part of the problem; students feel compelled to take about their most distressing memories and shrink it down to 650 words.

Disadvantaged youth feel they need to nitpick the lowest moments of their life and are prompted to only highlight the “important” parts of their trauma and need to minimize their feelings along with what they experienced. Instead, choose a topic meaningful to you and showcase your personality. Use specific examples and anecdotes to show the college why you would be the perfect addition to their campus. It is essential to be authentic and to not just recall but to also reflect on your stories. Although college essays may not be a thought for many 11th graders, it is important and recommended for students to at least brainstorm what they would like to write about. The main advice from seniors regarding college essays is that the first one they wrote was never the one they ended up choosing. Write as much as you can and eventually, you will have your perfect college essay.


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