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South High School Social Studies Department New Teachers

Let’s get to know them!

69 Views | Published December 11, 2023 | Edited December 12, 2023

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Fatima Raja and Ishrat Morium

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Fatima Raja and Ishrat Morium) —

New Teachers have joined the South High School Social Studies Department. We’ve interviewed, Ms. Brea, Mr. Rosenblum, and Mr. Sarro. 

What motivated you to become a Social Studies teacher?

Brea: I had a very infulential and inspiring Social Studies teacher and I was generally good at Social Studies so that was my backboard.

Rosenblum: I come from a long history of teachers in my family, and I had some really inspiring teachers in my career as a student.

Sarro: I think Social Studies is an important subject for everyone to understand for responsibility.

How do you like South so far? Is there anything you would like to change about it?

Brea: The atmosphere and the culture here is so rich and enthusiastic it makes it a special school; I would prefer a more sophisticated lunch/menu

Rosenblum: The diversity and the community here is unique and the atmosphere is positive; I would like to see teams implemented in the junior high where there would be 4 core teachers in each group.

Sarro: I love South, the staff is extremely knowledgeable, and the kids are great.

What's your favorite topic in Social Studies?

Brea: The Age of Exploration & The Gilded Age.

Rosenblum: The Renaissance.

Sarro: Ancient Civilizations & WWII.

Have you had prior education experience? If so, when, and where?

Brea: I’ve done my student teaching upstate, and I had the opportunity to work in an elementary school with 1st graders.

Rosenblum: I was a permanent substitute teacher, and I did some subbing here and there filling in for teachers for a month or so.

Sarro: I’ve had prior experience as a teacher in Long Beach.

Are you satisfied with the current curriculum? Are there any concerns or likes/dislikes?

Brea: The curriculum is well balanced, but we should focus more on certain topics as the world around is changing and it's not us against the world, it's what we can do to fix these problems.

Rosenblum: The curriculum is great, and I find our teachers do an incredible job of teaching multiple POVs and perspectives

Sarro: The curriculum itself is good but I wish it was more well-rounded to some of the lesser-known heroes in history that are equally as important


Clearly, these teachers are so sweet and have great potential in becoming an amazing addition to South! We look forward to having them for many years to come.

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