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Homecoming 2023

Let's go FALCONS!!!

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Amina Radoncic

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Amina Radoncic) —

 With seniors in the midst of working through stressful college applications, underclassmen adjusting to the rigor of their new AP courses, and all students devoting much of their time to their clubs and sports, the middle of October gave the South community the chance to channel all their pent up energy into a week filled with festive activities; after practically two months of anticipation, South High School hosted its annual Spirit Week and Homecoming game. From Monday, the 17th of October, to that Saturday, students and faculty alike were able to participate in events and spirited activities that helped turn an otherwise stressful period of time into one filled with silly outfits, laughter, and Falcon pride.

 Spirit Week began with Career Day, and everyone made an effort to sport outfits that put their future aspirations on full display. From scrubs to suits, Monday was a chance for students to proudly show off their career paths. Teachers even poked fun at professions they could have gone into, with the language department collectively wearing Starbucks outfits! The following day was Culture Day, and the mixing pot of backgrounds that walk through the halls of South each day presented the diverse nature of the school by wearing sports jerseys with players of their nationalities, sombreros, and much more. Wednesday was a blast to the past; from flared jeans to poodle skirts, there was no question that students dressed well beyond their years in light of Decades Day. Thursday was arguably the most anticipated day of all, with students and teachers channeling their inner stereotypical parent, dressing as either a soccer mom or a barbeque dad. Finally, to conclude this year’s Spirit Week, the South community threw on outfits that pridefully displayed our school’s colors for Red and White Day.

Even though Spirit Week was officially coming to a close, that wasn’t the end of Homecoming celebrations. After a few years of being held outside due to the pandemic, pep rallies finally returned to their usual location of the gymnasium, with more spirit than ever before. There was a wide range of select and exciting performances meant to thrill the crowd, with the Senior High Marching Band, Step Squad, and teacher skit all doing exactly that. Sports teams were also presented by their captains and were cheered on by the crowds, and each grades’ banners were paraded through the gymnasium before each pep rally came to a close.

Moving on, Friday night was also a chance for students to put on their best dancing shoes and most stellar outfits for the Senior High Homecoming Dance! Lasting from 7 to 9 PM, music blasted as the attendees danced the night away while also enjoying the delicious refreshments that were offered. Before the conclusion of the night, the Senior High Homecoming Royalty was announced, with Dana Morales and Michael Hernandez being crowned before having their official slow dance in front of everyone. Upon the conclusion of the dance, students had the chance to get a night of sleep before even more rousing festivities that would take place the following day.

After an entire week of anticipation, Saturday had finally arrived and that meant that the South community would be able to truly showcase their Falcon spirit during the Homecoming game. Prior to the kickoff of the game, South clubs presented the Homecoming festival, which had been officially moved from its typical placement on a school day. Students, family, and friends were able to make their way from booth to booth, participating in activities such as ring toss while also being able to get their faces painted in preparation for the game. Afterward, the senior walk, in which parents proudly showed off their students involved in sports and the marching band, took place, as well as the announcement of who had won the banner contests, with the senior class and 8th graders being graced with recognition for the best banners! Finally, the football game finally began, and there was no question that South’s team put forth their best effort to win. Although that did not happen, it was still an invigorating event for all who attended. In short, Spirit Week and Homecoming were a success!

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