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Fall 2023 Club Fair

68 Views | Published December 11, 2023 | Edited December 19, 2023

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Nicole Belskiy

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Nicole Belskiy ) —

South students were buzzing with excitement as they gathered around in South Hall with their friends on Tuesday September 26th at 3:15 PM for the annual Club Fair. If you don’t know what the Club Fair is, it’s an event where students get to go to South Hall to join new clubs that they think are interesting at the start of each year. Advisors and club managers set up colorful and decorative stands to attract students to view what their club is about. Club fair encourages students to find an interesting extra-curricular that they can join and go to after school with their friends.

Advisors and club memembers tried their best to convince students to join their clubs, and there were even yummy treats from certain clubs for those interested. For example, the Art Club had  art stickers related to famous art pieces and famous painters for those thinking about joining. A couple of honors societies offered lollipops for the people who read the requirements as well as Skittles and Starbursts. Overall, the Club Fair was an extremely exciting and fun time to explore and discover new and interesting clubs to consider joining!

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