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Dune Part 2 Book Review

20 Views | Published May 21, 2024 | Edited May 23, 2024

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Dash Alschuler-Pierce

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Dash Alschuler-Pierce) —

It's hard not to admire the production design, the cinematography, the costumes, and the research and work that clearly goes into this film. You can't help but see the influence of the Petra buildings and native Arabia. The cinematography is clearly reflective of Freddie Young, whose work in such epics as Doctor Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia are the basis of Dune's signature style. The costumes are impossible to look at without picturing Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. For any film, history, or literature buff, Dune: Part Two would seem like a dream come true.

Yet, for me, at least, it's impossible to fully appreciate that work while it's layered with banal, confusing dialogue and the overabundance of pretentious, lazy whispering from the majority of the actors—Chalamet especially, whose outbursts fail to bridge his journey "to the dark side" and rather paint him as a moody, selfish, neurotic rebel without a cause. The only worthy performance in the movie is from Zendaya, who is the heart of the film. You would have no idea that she came from Disney for her performance is strategically balanced and conveys a depth and understanding of her character which the performances by the rest of the cast fall drastically short of.

While certainly more engaging than Dune: Part One, which is a soporific sleep-fest, Dune: Part Two continues to be this balky and pulpy machine that lacks its book's literary understanding. It's all decor and no meat—it's a skyscraper built on sand. A film can't stand on impressive work and a stacked cast alone.

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