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South's Night Games

52 Views | Published December 11, 2023 | Edited December 12, 2023

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Ekaterina Alaverdova

The Southern Bell - Writer
(Ekaterina Alaverdova ) —

South High School has allowed the athletes to demonstrate their wide arrangement of skills from football and soccer by holding games during the evenings with the use of newly powerful bright lights! Athletes have had a large amount of student body attend these games and provide support for their fellow Falcons. It was clear that the darkness outside did not stop the student body from cheering and supporting the athletes throughout their gameplay. Saturday Night Lights brought a huge crowd of students and parents filled with excitement to come and watch South’s football team perform. This game was specifically white-out themed, and many came in full white gear to provide motivation and encouragement for the athletes out on the field. The cheer team performed, and loud and exciting music played, which led to the crowd roaring with South spirit throughout the night as the athletes played their absolute hardest on the field!

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