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South’s Junior High Winter Concerts

68 Views | Published February 23, 2024

Nicole Belskiy

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(Nicole Belskiy) —

South’s faculty and staff members hosted a Junior High Winter Concert on December 19th of 2023. In the Winter Concert, starting off the show was the Junior High orchestra. Led by Elizabeth Klamkin, the South junior high orchestra set the tone for the concert by opening their performance with a famous Christmas piece called “Jingle Bell Rock”. Written by Joel Beal and Jim Boothe, this festive composition was the only song containing the sleigh bell, played by 8th grader, V Frank. After “Jingle Bell Rock” concluded, “The Boogie Man Blues” began. In “The Boogie Man Blues”, which was organized by Carrie Lane Gruselle, there was a violin duet along with a cello solo. The violinists, Nicole Belskiy, 8th grade, and Isabelle Burke, 7th grade, along with the cello soloist, Hannah VanDijk, 7th grade, allowed “Boogie Man Blues” to sound more complete with their contributions. The junior high orchestra concluded with their final performance of “Clash of the Triads”, which was arranged by Deborah Baker Monday. The piece was a combination of a variety of classical compositions including “Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”, “Beethoven’s jubilant Ode To Joy”, and “Beethoven’s 5th Symphony”.  The orchestra was truly magnificent and amazed the crowd with their talent. 

Completing the Junior High Winter Concert was the Junior High band. Led by Melanee Bedell, the 7th and 8th grade Junior High band began with “Believe”, created by Alan Silvestri and Mark Brenner, “Believe” is a famous piece from The Polar Express movie. This song included a metallic percussion instrument called the windchimes. After the song ended, “I want it that way” was introduced. Arranged by Scott Yang, “I Want It That Way” was originally written by the Backstreet boys in 1999. The Backstreet boys was a boy band that gained popularity in the 1990s. Following “I Want It That Way” was a creative remix to the original “Frosty The Snowman”, “Frosty’s Caribbean Holliday”. Composed by Steve Nelson, Jack Rollins, and Ralph Ford, this unique structure of music contained percussion and shorter notes, which gave this song its tropical feel. Once “Frosty’s Caribbean Holliday” concluded, the last piece of the Winter Concert played. Constructed by Micheal Story, “A Dua Lipa Duo” is a fun remix containing two of famous pop star Dua Lipa’s songs, “Break My Heart” and “Don’t Start Now”. “A Dua Lipa Duo” was an awesome way to close off the Junior High Winter Concert and it certainly energized the crowd.  The Junior High Winter Concert played exceptionally well, and the participants put on an astonishing show.  

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